New Tools

We are the first and the only crowdfunding platform enabling you to help finance our farmers.

Multi Wallet Manager

Multi Wallet Manager for Cheetahcoin, an easy way to connect with all your rpcs.

Cheetah Webwallet

Online wallet for cheetahcoin, an easy way to import your private keys and spend funds without sync.

To Be Done
AAndroid Installer

Cheetah Auto Android Installer, an easy way to install the wallet and miner on your android/linux machines.

How it works

Community suggestions make us move, we find the easiest solutions for our team.

Explain us your idea, we will take care of it.

Talk to us about your idea, give us some details and objectives for it, the better you explain your idea, the higher priority it will get.

Meet with us in order to start the project up.

Once the team is available, you'll be contacted in order to proceed with your idea, this means your idea was approved.

Verify if Community Donations are needed.

For some projects, it may be required to have community donations due to time consumption. This helps understand how much the community wants the project.

Project embraced by the team.

In this step, our team embraced your idea and will start to develop and release it as soon as possible. Our team's aim is to assist Cheetah Community.

The future of memecoins is  Cheetahcoin  .

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